Grumman submitted 4 different concepts for the 1982 AF RFI: 3 fighters and 1 strike aircraft, or Air To Surface (ATS) fighter. All featured twin vertical fins and vectored thrust. Concept 9 was for a fighter and was the most radical of all the 19 proposals submitted because it was a foward swept wing design based on the X-29. Its weight was to be 51,414 lb. Concept 10 was also for a fighter, of 56,538 lb weight and 74 ft length, and was probably the best looking of any of the proposals by any company. It was an extremely well proportioned canard with a swept back main wing and a triolithic volume layout. The engines were in separate pods slung underneath the wing. The same configuration was used for Concept 13, an ATS fighter, only Concept 13 was slightly heavier at 57,279 lb. Concept 11 was for a fighter, slightly heavier at 61,007 lb and was almost exactly the same as Concept 10, only slightly elongated. Note that some of the pictures here show early renditions of the concepts with single vertical fins. The final concepts had twin vertical fins.


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In the lead up to the development of Concept 11, Grumman came up with an extremely elegant configuration called ASL-495. This was to be a large cruise fighter of very slender proportions. The frontal area was extremely small for an aircraft of its size. It almost looked like a miniature Rockwell B-1, and would have been very fast, easily capable of supercruise.


Like the other airframe manufacturers, Grumman also indulged in fanciful impressions of what an ATF could look like as the programme gathered momentum. For publicity purposes only, they were sanitised with generic features to give nothing away of what the real proposals would be like.


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