We encourage you to actively contribute to this website. You can submit artwork or pictures to the galleries. If you submit pictures, make sure they are clear, no larger than 1024x768 pixels, and in either .gif, .jpg, or .png file formats. Send the image to . Please state the copyright owner. You can send images of art you have done, screen shots you have taken while flying a YF-23 in a sim, or photos you have taken of the real aircraft. If you have made a scale model of the YF-23, or made a YF-23 out of Lego or some other medium, place your creation in front of a plain background, and make sure it is well lit before you take the photo.

There is a couple of specific areas that we would particularly like to encourage submissions for. The first is a definitive, clear image of the weapons bay of PAV-1. Scale modellers have almost all the reference they need to make an accurate scale model of PAV-1, except the weapons bay. This has never been released to the public domain to the best of our knowledge. PAV-2's weapons bay has been revealed, thanks to footage from the WCI DVD, and now Tony Chong of Future Models, but the bay of PAV-2 is different to PAV-1's. PAV-1 is shown at right. This photo is the closest we have seen a civilian come to being able to photograph the interior of PAV-1's weapons bay. If only the person who took this shot realised the opportunity presented before them! PAV-1 was used for weapons bay acoustic tests so it is the one which interests scale modellers the most. The second is to obtain pictures of the slide-down avionics bay just forward of the front landing gear well. If the there are any personel at Wright Patterson Museum which have access to the aircraft or have pics, please contact us.


So close and yet...

Last updated April 2012.

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