Listed here are selected forums on the internet which mention the YF-23. Some of the information on this site has been sourced from these forums. Several are used to debate the issue of why the Lockheed YF-22 won the ATF contract and sometimes offer interesting views by people claiming to be associated with the project or claiming to know people who were. Probably the most definitive is the YF-23 thread at the UK-based Secret Projects Forum. This thread has been going for quite a while now and is over 40 pages long, and it is the best place to keep up on any news related to the YF-23, including the release of any new material or documents. Anyone who's someone in relation to the YF-23 seems to congregate there.

Updates to this site and any significant news relating to the YF-23 will be posted at Twitter.


Last updated May 2015.

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