YF-23 Prototype Air Vehicle No 2 flew later than PAV-1, on the 26th of October 1990, with Jim Sandberg as pilot. PAV-2 used GE YF120 engines which were more powerful than the YF119 and had a different paddle shroud compared to PAV-1. It was painted in the 2-tone Compass Ghost grey scheme used on F-15C/D Eagles, but with a different pattern. The darker grey was painted in patches on the underside, unlike F-15s, and the front canopy frame was mismatched in light grey. PAV-2 supercruised for the first time on the 29th of November, reaching Mach 1.6. Because PAV-2 had more powerful engines and the shape of the YF-23 was more streamlined than the YF-22, it achieved the fastest speed of any of the four aircraft. Maximum speed was not disclosed to the public, but in the WCI DVD the manager of flight test Paul Tackabury states that PAV-2 was a hot ship. "It was really fast. It went... much faster... than the YF-22." PAV-2 was tasked with validating the flight envelope and demonstrating manoevurability capability. The weapons bay was inoperable as far as carrying weapons was concerned. PAV-2 flew 16 flights in 22 flight hours, including the last flight of Northrop's Dem/Val, on the 18th of December.


The paddle shrouds on PAV-2 were more stealthy than those designed for PAV-1. PAV-2 had a fixed shroud with serated leading edges.

The Sampsons have been blinded.
A walkaround video on Youtube of PAV-2 displayed at the Western Museum of Flight taken by strykerxo in 2010. The music is annoying but there a few details shown that are not normally visible.

Last updated October 2011.

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