YF-23 locations

The YF-23 prototypes were eventually brought out of storage and restored to static display condition (non-flying). PAV-1 was taken to the National US Air Force Museum at Wright Patterson AFB in Ohio. It resides in the Research and Development Exhibit and is available for public viewing. Contact the Museum for more information.



PAV-2 spent many years parked outside a building at Northrop Grumman's complex at El Segundo. It has been recently returned to the Western Museum of Flight, now situated at Zamperini Airfield in Torrance California. Contact the Museum for more information.


PAV-2 now at the Western Museum of Flight as of January 2011.

The Radar Cross Section (RCS) full scale mockup still survives and was discovered on Google Earth by accident. According to 2006 satellite imagery, the location is a storage area northwest of Oscura Auxiliary Airfield in New Mexico. It has been surrounded by containers to restrict ground viewing and would not be publicly accessible, although it has been mentioned that there were plans to move it to the AFFTC Museum at Edwards. These plans are apparently on hold due to lack of funding. Anyone with the funds should approach the AFFTC Museum curator with a proposal in the first instance.


RCS mockup in storage in 2003.

Last updated May 2015.
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