1/32 scale model

Hopefully in the not too distant future a 1/32 scale model kit of the YF-23 will be commercially available. What is shown here is a sneak preview of the master pattern for just such a kit, being produced by Zactomodels in the United States. Zactomodels specialise in resin sets designed to correct inaccuracies in 1/32 scale Trumpeter kits. They have developed a reputation as having a keen eye for shape. The master pattern for the YF-23 kit has been in development for several years and has been a slow process. It will be Zactomodels' first full kit if released, and the first kit of the YF-23 available in 1/32 scale. Dedicated YF-23 modelers have had to be very patient for this one. The development of the master began long before official drawings of the YF-23 became publicly available so it is a testament to Zactomodels' very strong powers of observation that the shape has come out so accurate. The pictures released so far demonstrate Zactomodels' very keen eye with faithful reproduction of all the YF-23's subtle contours. The level of detail he is planning is on a par with Tamiya. It will most likely be the most accurate kit of the YF-23 ever released in any scale, and certainly the most expensive. The irony is that based on previous experience an injection moulded kit of the YF-23 in 1/32 scale will probably be released about 2 months after Zactomodels release their resin kit, perhaps by their nemesis Trumpeter. If Trumpeter were to do this, it could be guaranteed that their kit would be nowhere near as accurate as Zactomodels'. The other concern is that for each business quarter that goes by without Zactomodels' production seeing the light of day, the chance that they may be beaten to the punch in resin increases, probably by either AModel or Anigrand, especially now that detailed and accurate drawings for the YF-23 have been publicly released. The progress of the development of this kit can be followed on the Aircraft Resouce Center forum. There is now a petition set up at the Revell.de ideas page for a 1/32 scale injection moulded kit. Please take a moment to register your interest.


I can tell you from my own personal knowledge of the YF-23 that Zactomodels have spent a considerable amount of time researching this aircraft. All the panel lines are in the right place and all the contouring missed in many other models is precisely rendered here.

Last updated January 2015.

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