r/c scale models

No commercially available radio controlled scale model of a YF-23 exists yet but that may change in the future. The models shown here were all built privately from scratch on an amateur basis and vary in scale, features, and build quality. Most employ expanded polystyreme foam, balsa, plywood, and fibreglass. As a professional model maker, Allen Rockwell built many of Northrop's official scale models for the YF-23 programme, including the full size RCS model, so he had access to accurate drawings, and this is borne out in the integrity of the shape he has achieved in his 1/10 scale model. This model appears to be the largest made so far. David Mosher has continued work started by Mike Downs and currently has 3 YF-23 flying models, 2 of which would be classed as toys. These models are preliminary prototypes designed to work out the bugs implying that a developed kit will be made available for commercial sale at some stage. LX Models has released a flying model of the YF-23 recently, but it is not accurate enough to be considered a scale model. Details of this are available at the toys page.


David Mosher poses next to PAV-2 when it was on display at Northrop Grumman in El Segundo, California

Last updated January 2014.

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