small scale models

Gamecraft Miniatures makes a YF-23 in 1/285 scale out of resin, designed for tabletop wargaming. It is fairly crude and is supplied unpainted. The jet troughs would need to be cleaned up, and the leading edges of the tailpane need some straightening. It appears that some examples of casting have a broken nose, so be careful to specifiy that you want an intact product when ordering.


Here are pictures of the 1/400 injection moulded plastic kit produced by Arii. This is the smallest scale model of the YF-23 ever produced, so it would be a little easier to hide from your girlfriend or wife, but not the baby. You will need to park this model in a swallow-proof HAS if you have a baby. It appears only to have 3 parts, so it shouldnt take more than a couple of weeks to put together. It is supplied with decals, which is rare for a kit of this scale. It also comes with a considerable array of targets to shoot down. It appears that the USAF has stolen Harriers from the Marines, AH-64s from the Army, and even the Grumman X-29 has been put into service, all without anyone knowing except Arii. This model would make an excellent pendant to wear while trying to pick up chicks down at the local nightclub. Just dont take the baby with you. It will also fit in your wallet, making an excellent form of backup currency should your Amex card be rejected in an exclusive hotel. Super-detailing of this model is not for the faint hearted.

The smallest ever.

Last updated November 2010.

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