YF-23 people
This a provisional list of a very small proportion of the people involved in the design, development, testing, evaluation, and restoration of the YF-23 Prototype Air Vehicles. The effort was laudable and considerable, as was the sacrifice made by many to see this project through. Probably the most famous would be Paul Metz, who got a lot of publicity during the Dem/Val flying. Several of the people mentioned here feature in the DVD published by WCI. This website is largely dedicated to the efforts of these people. The list shows company names and people in the positions they held at the time, it is not meant to be current. Northrop merged with Grumman and McDonnell Douglas was absorbed by Boeing. Please contact us if you were involved and would like your name added to this list.
Chief Executive Officer, Northrop Corporation
First named Inventor & Co-Holder of US Patent Design D332,080 December 29 1992: YF-23A Advanced Tactical Fighter.
Chief Engineer of the Northrop ATF Program for its entire duration, Manager of the Advanced Design Division, Co-Holder of the design patent on the F-20 Tigershark. Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, awarded AIAA Aircraft Design Award in 2006. The Citation: 'First named inventor of the F-20 Tigershark and YF-23A Advanced Tactical Fighter Prototype, Chief Engineer of the YF-23 and for significant involvement in the development of the YF-17'.
ATF Program Manager for preliminary design phase
ATF Program Manager
Deputy Engineering Manager
Chief Scientist, Co-Holder of YF-23 design patent
Co-Holder of YF-23 design patent
Co-Holder of YF-23 design patent
Co-Holder of YF-23 design patent
Co-Holder of YF-23 design patent
Manager of Flight Test
PAV Test Pilot
PAV Test Pilot
Crew Chief for PAV-1
Senior Design Engineer
Lead Engineer
Propulsion Integration
Model Maker of RCS and windtunnel models
Avionics Integrity Program
Configuration Lead for YF-23 Proposal Submittal
Company President
Vice President, General Manager
ATF Program Manager, Deputy Chief Engineer
PAV Test Pilot
Software Engineering Process Group Leader
ATF Program Director, Aeronautical Systems Division, AFSC, Wright Patterson AFB
ATF Program Manager, Aeronautical Systems Division, AFSC, Wright Patterson AFB
cockpit design consultant
PAV Test Pilot
PAV Test Pilot
ATF PAV-2 Curator, Western Museum of Flight
PAV-2 restoration, Western Museum of Flight
PAV-2 restoration, Western Museum of Flight
President of Halcyon Design, Vulnerability Assessment Consultant, design of circuit boards
V System Composites, centre-fuselage fabrication
display model maker, PAV-2 weapons bay photographer

Last updated 2010.

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