The distinctive shape of the YF-23 has inspired a plethora of toys over the years, from tiny Micro Machines, to foamcore radio control planes. This is a census of all known commerically produced toys so far. Some of them are marketed as scale model kits, like Dragon and Trumpeter, but they are not accurate depictions of the YF-23 and so do not constitute actual scale models. Likewise with the so called 'executive display models' shown here. Look closely and you will see why these examples have been included here and not in the scale model census.


This mean looking guy is an anime mecha warrior figurine called PAV-1.

There have been a number of YF-23 inspired flying models that have been developed over the years using various methods of construction. Most have been amateur efforts using scratch building techniques, such as David Mosher's efforts. There appear to be two basic categories: toys built using sheet foam core or Depron, and others with proper compound curve contouring. Only a few appear to be available for commercial sale at this stage, the RC Powers Easybuild kit, the FF-23 which is available in the form of a free downloadable set of plans, and the most recent commercial effort by the Shenzhen Lanxiang Model Aircraft Co, better known as LX Models in the West. The most realistic model so far is an amateur effort by Craig Clarkstone, a park flyer made from Depron, featuring sculpted compound curves. His model can be built using a free downloadable set of plans and additional documentation.


LX Models YF-23. Quite a bit of poetic liscence has been taken with this toy.
Lego has not brought out an actual YF-23 toy, but that hasn't stopped people from making YF-23's out of Lego. It's quite fun to see just how people solve the problem of the complex curves of the YF-23 using the chunky restrictions inherent in Lego. Feel free to contribute to this section. Send an email to with your picture attached, no larger than 1024x768 pixels, in either .jpg, .png, or .gif format.

There is a guy on Youtube who has figured out a way to make very small paper planes resembling real ones.

Last updated April 2015.

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